Speed Post Vs Registered Post

India post services are spread to the majority places of India. The department of Indian postal services shows the reality to the both national and international customers by providing the quick, true, tried and conveyance services. From almost 150+ years, Indian postal staffs are giving the quick, conveyance and dependable services to every customer. The packages delivered by India post office staff are safe and totally maintained with same condition from source point to destination point. The department of posts is pride with staff and themselves for giving the predominant services to customers and offering the best services with lowest prices to client.

In India, there are lots of courier companies like dtdc, blue dart, first flight, Delhivery, FedEx, UPS etc. In these courier company’s India Post is the best and most reliable express mail service. India Post is a Government of India based postal service. The basic service of India Post is to deliver the customers consignments from one palace of India to another place of India. Trackspeedpost.in is a website, where you can get the detailed information of the tracking tools like speed post tracking, registered post tracking, ems speed post tracking and etc.

Department of India Post has provided some extraordinary services to their customers and Indian citizens. Its services are extended across every corner of India. The services of India Post is most trusted, reliable and trustworthy. The delivery services of speed post is most accurate and fast. Department of Indian postal service provides extra service to their most reliable services like speed post and registered post and that is insurance. Last mile connectivity is the most prominent service provided by speed post. Compare with other courier companies in India, speed post has the huge network. Both speed post and registered post have the ability to serve according to customer needs.

The department of Indian postal service is providing the extraordinary services to domestic and international clients like mails delivering, insurance, money orders, saving schemes, selling stamps, banking etc. Delivering mails are the important services of Indian postal service. In the delivering mails section government of India post is providing extraordinary services to clients like speed post, registered post, business post, logistics post, express parcel, media post etc. The department of posts main dream is to increase the India post brand. By keeping this in the minds, they send every document of customers from source to destination with utmost care and keep business relationship with clients at extreme care. From this they have developed special brand products like speed post and registered post. The brief discussions of their difference are given below:

Speed Post: It is started in the delivery business as a delivery driver. It is the open door introduced itself for to take the experience and extended it to wind up proprietor and administrator of India post. Indian postal service and there expert group have assembled the business from that point forward on standards of trustworthiness, uprightness, fantastic customer administration, polished skill and a commitment to quick, solid conveyance administrations for their customers in the greater part of India.

Speed post is the vision for India post. The department of Indian postal service to develop their business sufficiently vast to have the capacity to give the sort of administration he knew the customers needed, yet to keep it sufficiently limited that Indian postal service didn’t lose concentrate on what was truly essential, which is building and keeping up enduring associations with the general population. Speed mail staff take a stab at every day-fabulous work and their conveyance administrations has build the extraordinary associations with their customers.

If anyone wants to take the franchise of speed mail, they can feel good about supporting a local India business. And speed post tracking is also providing the customers time to time updates. The system of speed mail is very quick, reality and reliable. Before going to choose this courier compare this with registered post, which is given below:

Registered Post: It is main franchise of India post after speed post. The main headquarters is situated at India. It is the India’s most premier courier service. It serves the lives citizens in the terms of delivering mails and delivering packages and etc. Using the registered post tracking, the user can track the status of the article with speed, secure and convenience. The status of the article can be found within the delivery period from the date of booking or dispatch.

Registered post serves in almost every India city, villages, metro cities and also small towns. It is the leader in the domestic air express industry with time bound solutions. It is the only express courier in India. It operates with best speed and secure delivery. Its networks are at the places of Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai respectively. It is also taking social responsibility by supporting disaster management, education and climate protection services. It becomes the unique product in India by providing the efficiency, add value services, cost savings and quality services to the customers.

speed post vs registered post

Speed Post Services

  • Speed mail offers services to complete a scope of administrations for express documents, packages and logistics solutions.
  • Most solid services like documents and small shipments are offered by speed mail from door to door within India.
  • It offers services like door to door service within India for shipments weighing 11 Kg’s or more. And also door to airport and airport service.
  • It offer services like door to door savvy surface transport, ground conveyance service inside India for time bound deliveries of shipments above 20 Kg’s.
  • Innovative support for giving online speed post tracking.
  • It offers services to cover every corner of India nation.
  • Productive and efficient answer for customer documents, sample shipments, business shipments.
  • They offer internationally both export and import shipments.
  • It offer bulk loads pickup and delivery for intracity, domestic and international places.
  • Its warehousing service offers organizing warehouse answers for your in transit goods.
  • Door to door solution offers complete solutions from source to destination including pickup, packaging, transportation, warehousing and distribution.
  • Demand of proof of delivery. And on-time delivery guarantied.
  • Flexible delivery scheduling. And rush delivery available.
  • Online reporting facility. And bulk delivers.
  • Urgent option meets time-critical.
  • Aggressive competitive pricing.

Registered Post Services

  • On-time delivery guarantied.
  • Delivery available to all the corners across India.
  • Flexible delivery scheduling.
  • Rush delivery available.
  • Liberal rebates offered by India post for same destination deliveries and routes.
  • On frequently scheduled routes registered mail has offers liberal rebates for deliveries.
  • 24 hours pickup facility.
  • Online reporting facility and registered post tracking is available.
  • Urgent option meets time-critical.
  • Bulk delivers and aggressive competitive pricing.
  • Innovative support for giving online.

Difference between Speed Post and Registered Post

Speed post is the leader in the domestic express industry with time bound solutions. Its speed post tracking of the article can be found best interims of finding status from the date of booking or dispatch with speed, secure and convenience. It provides the premium and high quality services to the customers.

Speed mail stands for India Post. This is the franchise of Indian postal service. It is a division of the India postal organization. It is giving universal expedited delivery services. It is the world’s biggest logistics organization working far and wide. It is world business sector pioneer in ocean and air mail. Its tracking is best in world.

Initially registered post is established to delivery documents between the every cities of India, and then the organization extended its services all through the world. It has more employees when compare with other courier companies in India. Registration then adequately ingested India post into its express division. Its first choice is excellence and simply delivered.

India Post was the biggest courier service in India. Speed post and registered post turns into dominant part shareholder in the India post organization. It extended to nations that couldn’t be served by some other delivery services. Finally these are most important service of India post and they are reliable and secure services of Indian post.

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